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Water Marks (or water spots) are caused from hard water evaporating on the surface. The water carries minerals and contamination, and as the water evaporates off, these contaminants are super heated and left behind on the surface.

Optimum MDR will work best on a surface that has been coated and protected with a product such as Optimum Gloss-Coat where the water spots haven’t had the chance to actually etch into the paint.

Optimum MDR is non-abrasive, and is applied by hand with a foam or microfibre applicator. Gently massage the gel into the water spots for 30-60 seconds will the MDR slowly dissolves the minerals. Rinse clean and check the surface for any remaining marks.

For stubborn stains, MDR can be applied by machine on low setting with a soft foam pad. Use the MDR as lubrication and work the affected area.

NOTE: For water spots that have penetrated the clear coat, MDR will not be effective and these marks will require machine polishing.

Pour Optimum MDR on a clean microfiber towel or foam applicator.

Wipe on the surface and work it in for 30 – 60 seconds.

Wipe off the residue and check to see if the surface is clean and free of mineral deposits.

Repeat the above steps as required to remove any remaining contaminants.

Wash the surface to remove any remaining chemical residue.


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